How to assign a keyboard shortcut to a style in Microsoft Word 2016

The styles in Microsoft Word provide a quick and easy way of applying consistent formatting to text.  You can further improve your productivity by applying a keyboard shortcut to your favourite styles.  This article and video will show you how to assign a keyboard shortcut to a style.

This article applies to both Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows and Mac.

Video – Watch how to apply a keyboard shortcut to a style

Right click on the style you want to assign a shortcut to.

Choose Modify

From the Format dropdown choose Shortcut key

Press the shortcut key combination you wish to use, then click Assign

Click OK

Tick Add to Templete

This will ensure your shortcut is available everytime you create a new document.

Click OK

You can now use your keyboard shortcut to apply your style

  • You can apply the style to existing text by placing the cursor anywhere in the paragraph and then pressing your keyboard shortcut
  • You can apply a style to new type by pressing your keyboard shortcut before you start typing.

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