How to stop Windows 10 update wasting bandwidth

With the release of Windows 10 Microsoft changed how updates are delivered to your computer.   This article and video will explain what the changes mean to you and how you can stop windows update wasting bandwidth.

How Windows upate used to work

In the past each computer on your network downloaded its updates straight from the Microsoft Servers.  The downside of this approach is that you had to download the update separately for each computer on your network, in this case 3 times.  Microsoft has to provide each computer running windows with its own update.  In this diagram Microsoft have to serve up the update 6 times for 6 computers.

How it works now

With Windows 10 Microsoft makes use of Peer-to-Peer networking, so all the computers on your network will download parts of the update and then share it amongst themselves until every computer has the update.

So you only have to download the update once.

But that’s good isn’t it?

Well no, because the default setting means that you’re also uploading your updates to other computers on the internet.   If you have superfast broadband with no upload limits this may not be a problem for you.   But if your internet connection is slow or monthly bandwidth allowance you could find you’re using up your data allowance without even realising it.

The diagram below shows how the Microsoft server only has to serve up the update 3 times, but 12 computers get the update by sharing it between themselves.

Click on the Windows Start Button, and type Windows Update

Choose Advanced Windows Update Options

Click on Choose how updates are delivered

Choose PCs on my local network

Click on the close icon to leave settings.


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