Using the IF statement to calculate gift aid in Excel

Gift aid is a scheme that allows charities to claim an extra 25% from the Taxman if the donor is a UK Tax Payer. This tutorial shows how by using an IF statement in Excel you can calculate the Gift Aid for donors who are UK Tax Payers, but leave the gift aid column blank for those who are not.

Our donation spreadsheet

Note: Prior to starting I’ve already set the format for gift aid and total columns to be currency

Select Cell D2 and enter the following formula. followed by ENTER

=if(c2=”UK TAX PAYER”,((B2/100)*25),0)

And to prove it works, here is our finished spreadsheet

Now lets have a closer look at the IF statement

The syntax for an if statement is

=if([logical test],[value if true],[value if false])

=if(c2=”UK TAX PAYER”,((B2/100)*25),0)

Written in english this means if the value in cell C2 is UK TAX PAYER (1) [the logical test] then calculate the contents of cell D2 using the formula (B2/100)*25) [the value if true] (2) otherwise put a 0 in cell D2 [the value if false] (3).


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